Fea/Fem packages(open source and comercial free packages with limited features, what is Fem)
(comercial packages =no sources will disapear out of this list in the future as well as Fortran packages, Fortran to C converter here, direct link,src)



Comercial Fea/Fem packages

See wickipedia article.




Free DEM packages with or without GPU support

  1. Ascalaph Molecular dynamics with fourth order symplectic integrator.
  2. dp3D (discrete powder 3D), DEM code oriented toward materials science applications (powder compaction, powder sintering, ...).
  3. ESyS-Particle ESyS-Particle is a high-performance computing implementation of the Discrete Element Method released under the Open Software License v3.0. To date, development focus is on geoscientific applications including granular flow, rock breakage and earthquake nucleation. ESyS-Particle includes a Python scripting interface providing flexibility for simulation setup and real-time data analysis. The DEM computing engine is written in C++ and parallelised using MPI, permitting simulations of more than 1 million particles on clusters or high-end workstations.
  4. GPULAMMPS GPU enhancements to LAMMPS 
  5. LAMMPS very fast parallel open-source molecular dynamics package with GPU support also allowing DEM simulations. LAMMPS Website, Examples .
  6. LAMMPS-ICMS Axel Kohlmeyer's add-ons to LAMMPS 
  7. LIGGGHTS code based on LAMMPS with more DEM features such as wall import from CAD, a moving mesh feature and granular heat transfer. LIGGGHTS Website
  8. SDEC Spherical Discrete Element Code.
  9. LMGC90 Open platform for modelling interaction problems between elements including multi-physics aspects based on an hybrid or extended FEM – DEM discretization, using various numerical strategies as MD or NSCD.
  10. Pasimodo package for particle-based simulation methods. Simulation of granular media, such as sand, gravel, granulates in chemical engineering and others. Can be used for the simulation of many other Lagrangian methods, e.g. fluid simulation with Smoothed-Particle-Hydrodynamics.
  11. PLUMED free energy calculation with LAMMPS
  12. Yade (Yet another Dynamic Engine) modular and extensible toolkit of DEM algorithms written in c++. Tight integration with Python gives flexibility to simulation description, real-time control and post-processing, allows introspection of all internal data. Can run in parallel on shared-memory machines using OpenMP. Yade is historically related to SDEC.


Applied element method

Internet Fem Resources

Fem libs

some more reading:

http://codrt.free.fr/allardj/ and http://codrt.free.fr/allardj/pub/2011/ACF11a and http://www-ljk.imag.fr/Publications/Basilic/com.lmc.publi.PUBLI_Inproceedings@12f67a0f733_f4cc23/c96-f96_3-a528-abstract-v9.pdf




UFL: http://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~grm08/MarkallHK10.pdf



Converter (see also gpu programming):

http://www.fem.qub.ac.uk/Resources/unit/unit.php a simple units converter

automatically convert 3D distorted finite elements into SPH(smoothed particle hydrodynamics) particles

Automatic Conversion of Triangular Meshes Into Quadrilateral Meshes with Directionality

Automated Conversion of 2D Triangular Mesh into Quadrilateral Mesh with Directionality Control

Mesh conversion (openfoam) see also http://www.openfoam.com/features/mesh-conversion.php and http://www.afs.enea.it/funel/CFD/OpenFOAMMeshConvTest/indexopenfoammeshconvtest.htm

MeshLab is an open source, portable, and extensible system for the processing and editing of unstructured 3D triangular meshes.




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