More exoplanet links

More exoplanet links


A Landslide of Kepler Exoplanet Candidates Life at the SETI Institute.

astronomy Exoplanets on the cheap Nature News.

BBC News - Exoplanet hunt turns up 54 potentially habitable worlds.

BBC News - Six exoplanets in close orbit around far-flung star.

Earth 2.0 Nature Nature Publishing Group.

Exoplanet Hunter Finds Bounty of Multi-Planet Solar Systems Wired Science

explained Transiting exoplanets.

First Earth-Sized Exoplanet Discovered - ScienceNOW.

New-Found Cornucopia of Exoplanets More Than Doubles the Current Cosmic Census Popular Science.

The Next 40 Years for Exoplanets May 27, 2011 PAOC.

Welcome to the NASA Star and Exoplanet Database.

11.13.2008 - Hubble snaps first optical photo of exoplanet.
A faraway planet intrigues.
AAVSO Dec. 2004 Exoplanet Transit Campaigns.
AccessScience News Smallest exoplanet yet is found.
Astromart News - Exoplanet House of Horrors.
Astrometry Nabs An Exoplanet - Science News.
AstroNews 32 Exoplaneten auf einen Streich — PhysikClub Kassel.
Astronomers detect visible light in exoplanets atmosphere for first time.
Astronomers Discover Lightest Exoplanet Yet - Space News - redOrbit.
Astronomers find smallest exoplanet -
BBC NEWS Science & Environment 'Lightest' exoplanet discovered.
BBC NEWS Science & Environment New exoplanet orbits 'backwards'.
Discovery of smallest exoplanet yields 'extraordinary' find - Wikinews, the free news source.
Earth-Sized Exoplanet Is Least Massive Ever Found Discovery News.
ESA Portal - Austria - Alpbach 2009 Erfolgreiche Suche nach Exoplaneten.
ESO - ESO0915 - Lightest exoplanet yet discovered.
Exoplanet Exploration News & Announcements.
Exoplanet Group News.
Exoplanet News - Tonic.
Extrasolar Planets.
First real evidence for a rocky exoplanet - Physics Today News Picks.
First solid evidence for a rocky exoplanet Eureka! Science News.
Gibt es doch Leben da draussen - News Wissen Natur -
Gliese 581 E Is The Lightest Exoplanet Discovered So Far.
Hubble finds first organic molecule on exoplanet - Xinhua News Agency
HubbleSite - NewsCenter - Hubble Finds Hidden Exoplanet in Archival Data (04 01 2009) - Introduction.
HUGE NEWS first possibly Earthlike extrasolar planet found! Bad Astronomy Discover Magazine.
john bahcall home page -Institute for Advanced Study.
Kepler Shows Exoplanet Is Unlike Anything in Our Solar System Wired Science
Kepler spacecraft discovers atmosphere of 'exoplanet' - San Jose Mercury News.
Learn more about exoplanet Eureka! Science News.
Lithium key for exoplanet search - Physics Today News Picks.
MINA Breaking News - NASA - Kepler Mission Detects Exoplanet Atmosphere.
Mysterious Super Earth Is Smallest Known Exoplanet .
Oblate Spheroid's Solar System Expands to 32 Exoplanets NowPublic News Coverage.
Organic molecule detected on exoplanet- Planetary News The Planetary Society.
Oxygen and carbon discovered in exoplanet atmosphere 'blow-off'.
Palomar Skies Exoplanet in the News.
Phases reveal glowing exoplanet › News in Science (ABC Science).
PlanetQuest Exoplanet Exploration.
Proposed exoplanet may not exist after all . . Online News -7384.
Science Centric News Articles tagged with 'exoplanet'.
Scientists Discover New Member of Exoplanet Family AVIATION-NEWS.
Scientists discover smallest exoplanet Top News Reuters.
SFSU Exoplanet News.
Simulation suggests rocky exoplanet has bizarre atmosphere. - News from Sky & Telescope - Amateur Detects Exoplanet Transit. - News from Sky & Telescope - Amateurs Discover a Transiting Exoplanet.
Smallest Known Exoplanet Has Solid Surface Discovery News.
Smallest known exoplanet may actually be Earth-mass - space - 19 January 2009 - New Scientist.
Spaceflight Now Breaking News Oxygen, carbon discovered in exoplanet atmosphere.
Spitzer & Hubble Exoplanet mit organischen Molekülen.
Strange exoplanet suffers intermittent inferno COSMOS magazine.
The Great Beyond Exoplanet's BMI hints at rocky surface.
[News] Raining Pebbles Rocky Exoplanet Has Bizarre Atmosphere, Simulation Suggests - Science Forums.
[Spitzer News] NASA Finds Extremely Hot Planet, Makes First Exoplanet Weather Map.   Exoplanet Biosignatures: A Review of Remotely Detectable Signs of Life




FIRST Catalog Search.

Home SALT.

Telescopes Intro Part I.


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Exoplanet entdeckt Der Neue im Sternbild Schlange ähnelt unseren Planeten Wissen ZEIT ONLINE.

Exoplaneten News Exoplaneten Nachrichten.

Exoplanet News Exoplanet Nachrichten.

Inflation an Exoplaneten (Wissenschaft Nachrichten) - Newspeg. Links zu themenverwandten Seiten.



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